Clay Sanderson



I have performed in everything from musicals to Shakespeare to contemporary straight plays.​ Please see my resume below for more details.

"Sanderson's pitch-perfect deadpan meshes beautifully with Brooke Sherrod Jaeky's skeptical Little Sally as they solemnly deconstruct the theatrical tropes they're embodying."

- Kerry Reid, The Chicago Tribune, review of ​Urinetown

"Imagine a character cocktail made of Jeeves, Oliver Cromwell and Kanye West...Actor Clay Sanderson admirably takes him from sniffy prig to yellow-stockinged pelvic-thruster to pitiable prisoner. "
- Keridwen Cornelius, Phoenix Magazine, review of Twelfth Night

"...Clay Sanderson's beautifully nuanced performance...Sanderson does very good work here in showing Wilkins' frustrations, fears, and conflicted views, yet also his hope."

- Gil Benbrook, Talkin' Broadway, review of Photograph 51

"Sanderson's Purdy is the most interesting of all: as played, he's gentle, soft-spoken, and almost Asperger-ish, yet also the most disquieting. When he's onstage, his presence is enthralling."
- Scott Zacher, Chicago Theater Beat, review of Purple Heart

"Sanderson is the perfect comic foil as the overbearing and bossy Malvolio."
- Gil Benbrook, Talkin' Broadway, review of Twelfth Night

"Sanderson is outstanding as he takes the bait on Belch's cruel plot."
- Herbert Paine, Broadway World, review of Twelfth Night

"As Yahuda, Clay Sanderson is the straight man to the lunacy swirling around him and he pulls it off extremely well, especially in his final scene with Freud that is exceptionally moving."

- Gil Benbrook, Talkin' Broadway, review of ​Hysteria

"Mr. Bank's learning curve from propriety to compassion is artfully portrayed by Clay Sanderson."

- Herbert Paine, Broadway World, review of Mary Poppins

"But so many artful performances surround the stars, including Clay Sanderson's initially stern and dour Mr. Banks that transforms into a loving father."

- Chris Curcio, KBAQ, review of Mary Poppins

"Leon Czolgosz is expertly limned by Clay Sanderson."

- Hedy Weiss, The Chicago Sun-Times, review of Assassins

"More important, the show successfully conveys that crucial contrast between the pair of cynical New Yorkers (played by Robert Hunt and Clay Sanderson, both of whom have down the requisite Sinatra cool) and the fantastical Scots."

- Chris Jones, The Chicago Tribune, review of Brigadoon

"Clay Sanderson is a superb Jeff Douglas, Tommy's cynical friend. Sanderson makes himself an essential element in the story with his dry comic manner."

- Dan Zeff, Chicagoland Theater Reviews, review of Brigadoon

"...the wonderfully wry and likable Clay Sanderson as Jeff Douglas..."

- Phil Potempa, NWI Times, review of Brigadoon

"Clay Sanderson chillingly underplays the fascist prison warden."

- Joe Stead, Chicago Stage Style, review of Kiss of the Spider Woman